Our fruit supplying partners

Agropecuaria Gaviao Ltda.

This farm is owned by our managing director. It is a 3.000 ha farm (in Bahia State). With its origin in the fruit research sector the operations team has a fast knowledge on different fruit varieties and farming operation standards. It has been certified by IBD and is currently the only farm worldwide that is dedicated exclusively to the production of fruit for juicing purposes. For us this is an important fact as the focus is on fruit juice content and not the freshmarket focus of shiny, artificially enhanced fruit. One of very few “real” large organic citrus producers with a sizable and growing production rate.

The operation also has a strong social responsibility providing the only reliable employment in the area and offering in addition supplemental nutrition and free education. We contribute to the sustainable development goals – satisfying basic human needs while maintaining a well-balanced ecosystem and impacting the rural quality of life through social wellbeing and fostering education


Brasil Citrus

A family business that involves a fine quality driven factory with extensive proprietary orchards. The business is focused on Brazilian bottling for high quality private label companies. The exclusive partnership was initiated by us, after we had come across their premium juice quality from two separate local brands. Their aim is not to supply large volumes but rather fine premium quality juice that can also be supplied in different convenience-type packaging solutions.

Grupo Sao Jose

A traditional family-business with extensive lands and supply experience to the large bottling companies. The family has been a primary figure in the overall development of this industry. Their social engagement within the community has been documented at length on different media. This heritage is maintained by a constantly evolving and involved family generation.

Their orchards are normally fixed in long-term supply contracts. We have been able to secure an orchards that has been in operation for some time and has been kept out of contract for strategic purposes. The Group is happy to be involved with BAHIA FRUTOS, as a quality-driven partner that will focus on placing their product with a premium brand in Europe. We are proud to be their quality ambassador and show how these premium producers could be a valuable tracable supplier, with a real conscience for product, quality and value.

Facenda Mainau Ltda.

A co-owned farming operation by our managing director and a private French family engagement this farm is the leading standard for an integrated concept of sustainable organic farming and economic social development. It has been developed over three years and launched officially in April 2020. The 5.000ha Farm is currently implementing 850ha of organic citrus orchards managed under EcoCert standards. Their engagement in regional social and economic development will set new standards in the industry.  Production will reach the market as of 2023 onwards.