Our Sustainable Development

Goals & Targets

Our growth as a company is based on sustainable growth and making a positive impact on society.

Community Engagement

Bahía Frutos’ development goes hand in hand with neighboring communities' growth and they are all part of a big family.

The main purpose of Bahia Frutos Social Responsibility is to contribute in the development of the municipality of Inhambupe and the surrounding areas, inside the Bahia State of Brazil.

Sustainable Agriculture

We promote efficient agricultural management of natural resources, especially water, and we also promote sustainable and ecological farming practices.

We focus on in-house fertilizer and natural pesticide production to enhance product quality, evade chemical products and reduce costly logistics and carbon footprint.

Responsible production and consumption

We promote measures to reduce raw material losses and food waste.

We optimize the size of our packaging and apply new, more sustainable material to the packaging of our products.

Clean Water and Sanitisation

We promote sustainable water management in order to minimize the water footprint of our activity. We have reduced this indicator in our fields. -We have introduced crops and methods that have allowed us to use less water.

Using modern drip irrigation technology, we provide water only where it is needed. The dry local climate reduces the necessity of harmful costly fungicides and herbicides.

Protecting the Environment

Aligned with our vision to work toward a safe and sustainable future, our juice production operations are inherently sustainable in that no part of the fruit is wasted in our processes - any residues from the production of fruit juice are used as ingredient in other food, feed, chemical and cosmetic products.

Going further in our effort to improve our environmental footprint, we have set several reduction goals:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Energy consumption.
  • Water consumption.
  • Waste generation.

Clean, Affordable Energy

We promote efficient energy Practices. We use eucalyptus cortex, a sustainable "green" solution for the use of biomass as a source of energy in the industry.

  • Eucalyptus is considered one of the most beneficial crops when it comes to regenerating green spaces, preserving diversity, and protecting forests.
  • It acts like a lung, absorbing large amounts of CO2. In addition, it allows the best use of water and prevents the dreaded forest fires.
  • To the benefits it presents for the general society, we must add the advantages it represents for the industry.
  • Due to its capacity for adaptation and rapid growth, it multiplies its potential for the environment, industry and for generating employment and wealth in rural areas.
  • It stands out as a renewable energy source, thanks to its wide industrial versatility.

Climate action

By means of the definition of key policies and indicators, we can identify, prioritize and manage environmental indicators in our daily management.

Among our objectives is the channelling of access waters from the local river to the reservoirs for the feeding of livestock in the dry season as well as flood control.

Conservation In Action

Accepting our responsibility for preserving wildlife and biodiversity around our operations and facilities, we take great care to ensure we comply with Brazilian laws on environmental and habitat preservation, going beyond legal requirements.

We maintain more than 1/3 of total area as native rainforest allowing for a sound biodiversity and a more balanced environment.

Peace, justice and solid institutions

We have a Code of Ethics , a tool to ensure honesty, integrity and respect, principles that have guided us from our origins, and that must ensure good practices, transparency, rigour, and the prevention of all forms of corruption in our daily activity.

Health and welfare

We are committed to a more sustainable range of products with the development of varieties and references of products certified ORGANIC.

We are committed to improving the health of the global population and promoting healthy life-styles, which we develop through the extension of measures to promote a healthy diet, with our natural and organic products.

Decent Work & Economic Growth

We promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, with a focus on stable, quality employment, promoting appropriate and dignified working conditions for all our people and guaranteeing opportunities for promotions and professional development.

Our leadership as a company is based on our most important asset: our employees. That is why, from our fields to our processing plants, our offices and different workplaces, we take care of our team and create the necessary conditions to ensure a safe, healthy working environment.

A Safe Work Environment

In our responsibility to our employees, we always go the extra mile. This is why, in addition to complying with the strictest regulations regarding the prevention of occupational hazards, we also promote training as a key aspect to ensure the safety and health of all those people who work in the company on a daily basis.

Furthermore, all of them have access to free fruit and vegetable to amend their daily nutrition.

Quality education

We believe that training is the seed of growth. Training our employees is fundamental. We are committed to constant learning and to giving employees the opportunity to learn new processes, to enable them to successfully carry out their work but also to allow them to grow professionally and develop their career within the Group.

During the last years, we have contributed to improving the knowledge and skills of our employees by investing in different programs and courses, prevention of occupational risks and workers safety.

Gender equality

Within the different factors as for diversity, we are committed to the effective equality of women and men. Our core team is made up of nearly 40% women and 60% men. In our strategic growth plan we will pay special attention to this point to achieve a balance of 50%.

We also guarantee a corporate culture of zero tolerance towards any form of discrimination.

Social responsibility

We provide free pre-school and basic education onsite to 275 children via the ”Escola Ludwig Eckes”. Children receive free daily meals and learn about personal health. In addition, we assist the local high school on premises with donations for investments into capacity expansion and sport infrastructure.

A stable society / region is key to a good work and people environment. Therefore, we have established a balanced and sustainable environmental strategy for the development of our industry.

We place special emphasis on the rule of the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

We believe that education, health and nutrition are vital for a balanced life.