Who we are

From Brazil to the rest of the world

Bahia Frutos

At Bahia Frutos we are much more than a citrus company. We are experts in the production of fresh and healthy fruit, grown under organic and bio-dynamic conditions using modern concepts in farming and operational management. We own and operate our own Orchards and we manage the entire process up of extraction and shipping up to our clients factories worldwide.

Welcome to the health revolution

We grow fruit, we grow flavour

The flavour of our land

8.000ha of farming land give us ample space to focus on the cultivation of our orchards from which we obtain top quality, 100% organic and natural fruit, free of pesticides.

Organic sustainable farming

A FAMILY-OWNED COMPANY with a seal of quality

The Eckes-Granini family business has profited immensely from an early entry into the citrus growing and processing business in the 1960s. As one of the two principal shareholders of Citrosuco, the Eckes Family was able to secure a dedicated supply channel for high-quality orange juice for its European juice portfolio. This engagement ended in the 1990s when the focus was put towards strengthening the European distribution of beverages.

The company maintained a research and development operation in the Northeast of Brazil to strengthen the product value chain and develop nutritional based strategies for its brand portfolio.

Today this farm is owned and operated by Moritz Eckes, with a dedicated focus on sustainable organic farming based on client wishes and secured via long-term offtake partnerships.

We provide quality fruit and derivatives to the local, regional and international market using modern agricultural practices, efficient technologies, quality-orientated operations, dedicated workers and family-business orientated value system.

From seed to production line

Farmers since the 60'

Our health revolution has its roots in the field, this forms the basis of who we are and what we produce. We are farmers, we cultivate our main raw materials, thereby controlling the entire chain of production, from seed to table. That is how we manage to supply our customers with the best possible fruit and juices, direct from the farms.

We achieve the highest quality and freshness of our products through selection of the best possible seeds. We have 2000 hectares of our own seedbeds where we cultivate and experiment with more than 300 varieties, controlling the temperature, humidity, irrigation and all the other necessary conditions to obtain the highest possible quality and output.

Plantations on the Atlantic Coast of Brazil

We manage a total of 8.000 hectares of farming land – distributed strategically in the Bahía State, in the north-eastern part of Brazil. This region of Brazil has been developed slowly but heterogenically with a wide variety of differing crops and farming practices allowing for a divers portfolio of products and staying far away from mono-cultured practices found in the southern/central parts of Brazils farming belts.

Overall, we cultivate 16 different citrus varieties and further varieties of tropical fruits such as acerola, passionfruit, guava, papaya, etc.

Our processing unit in partnership with Sono Brazil is strategically located to our two citrus-producing areas – allowing for efficient and effective operations from harvest to processing.