What we do

From Brazil to the rest of the world

Our expertise

At Bahia Frutos we stand for dedicated access to uncompromisable and truly sustainable citrus products from Brazil.

We have our roots in the production of sustainable citrus from different regions from Brazil and the bottling and distribution of beverages in the European market. Experienced in the dedicated bio-dynamic production of citrus fruit and with a long history in the conventional production and processing, this field to bottle combination allows us to offer premium products from fixed sources with consistent quality, full transparency and dedicated reliable commitments.

In addition we leverage our network and experience to facilitate a dedicated group of seasoned mid-size citrus farmers and processors from various regions of Brazil to place their quality products exclusively within the global juice market of our network.

Seedlings Nursery

We started our first nursery in 2008 due to the need for high-quality seedling for our own field expansions. Confronted with local quality issues, we opted to form a partnership with one of the leading seedling producers of the citrus environment – CitroGraf.

Our nursery boasts a capacity of 400.000 seedling within 9 months. Over 25 different varieties of citrus fruit can be crafted with an annual production of 200.000 citrus seedlings. This allows for a quality product to be produced for our own growers and partners. Seedling production is a complex skill that needs clean and stable infrastructure. Healthy seedling is key for a strong and long-term production – our partner brings the highest industry score on quality and seedling health and has been a key player in defining industry quality standards and monitoring practices. Our operating unit is currently one of the most effective seedling production unit in Brazil.


As a family business with over 60 years of history in agriculture, we have witnessed changes in agricultural practices and consumer demands. We have evolved over time into a fully vertically integrated fresh produce business.

Today we specialize in the production of totally organic tropical fruits, juices and citrus fruits and their derivatives, attending the growing demand for these products worldwide.

Bahia Frutos follows the IBDs Brazilian, European and American Organic Farming guidelines as well as EcoCert organic and sustainable farming approach:

  • No use of fine chemicals – no contamination of the water sources, the soil or the forests.
  • Natural Fertilizer from proprietary sources ensures quality while retaining cost efficiency.
  • Organic Herbicides, Acarecides and Pesticides – are sourced from registered product suppliers.
  • No pollution of ground water - Perpetuation of a source of high-quality natural water and with very prolonged use.

Adhering to the organic practices as set by these standards has a significant positive impact on food safety, health and well-being of the consumer as well as an elimination of harmful contaminants in the product and in the natural environment.


Our oranges and lemons are harvested with care, fruit by fruit, every orchard at the right time.


Once harvested, the fruit is unloaded, carefully selected, washed and sorted in our modern processing factory.

The orange juice is extracted, filtered and pasteurized. Oil is also extracted from the peels. Bagasse, peels and pulp are used to produce specific ingredients. Every part of the orange creates value – there is no industrial waste.

Packing & Storage

Bahia Frutos' packing house follows strict protocols to ensure that the receipt, grading, packing and refrigeration of fruit is completed in an efficient manner while meeting all important parameters of Food Safety, Food Quality, Traceability and Legality.

Packing operations are located in Brazil and are equipped with the latest technology.

Post-harvest cold chain management begins from the moment the fruit is picked from the tree. It is the key objective of management to ensure the fruit is collected swiftly from the orchard and delivered for grading and packing within a defined period.

Employing state-of-the-art equipment and the expertise of our team of skilled workers, fruit is sorted, graded and packed according to specific market or customer specifications. All packaging carries the relevant information to ensure that the fruit can be traced back to its origin. The fruit then enters the cold chain to be optimally managed through to its destination.


As a vertically integrated fresh produce business, Bahía Frutos recognises the need to find the shortest, most cost-effective route to market without compromise to quality, food safety and legality.

From the minute the fruit consignment is dispatched from the pack house, a close network of reputable service providers and technical support teams is activated. Through effective communication and coordination, fruit is delivered to port where containers are then set at the appropriate temperature and controlled atmosphere regime for their journey.

Once on board the vessel, technical monitoring of the container continues until final discharge.

Whilst the operational process of physical product handling takes place, there is a simultaneous stream of documentation flow that occurs to ensure product legality and 100% traceability.

Marketing, Sales & Distribution

Bahía Frutos has Sales and Distribuition Offices operating in the heart of Europe for well over 10 years, as well as in Brazil where the company was founded in 1969.

Bahía Frutos considers themselves a close partner to an extensive and diverse customer base and as such, has built and maintains long-term partnerships based on the important ethical pillars of trust and integrity.