Our purpose

The future is now

Our objectives

We have defined a set of objectives that encompass the fulfilment of our mission: We must always increase our turnover, with growth and differentiation strategies.

And we’re going to achieve it thanks to a leading value proposal. 

From our expertise

Our leadership proposal

Our strategy is based on a clear value proposal, that is sustained by leadership pillars: Operations, Customers and Products

Our values

Our value system is driven by a family business mindset with a focus on long-term cross-generational development. With this we seek to interconnect our economic strategy with the well-balanced and healthy environment and a prospering community. We do this by farming our land in a sustainable naturally-balanced way, providing educational services to the worker families within our community, give food supplements to our workers free of charge, and maintaining various certification standards to ensure that our many operational processes meet global standards continuously.

Our mission

To provide quality fruit and derivatives to the national and international market using modern agricultural practices, efficient technologies, quality-orientated operations, dedicated workers and a family-business-orientated value system. While striving constantly to supersede our clients’ expectations, we keep a close relation and natural balance to the environment, the community, our workers and their families to ensure that the company and its working environment act as a solid and sustainable working space for generations to come.

Our vision

Our main goal is to be the foremost sustainable organic producer of citrus fruit in the Northeast region of Brazil. Our focus is on quality and customer satisfaction. Our clients’ consumers should have continuous access to our high-quality products and associate our brand with ecological well-being practices and taste pleasure delicious products.