Our roots

We keep our principles

Expanding our horizons

The field, the soil, the seed and the shoots are our origins.  These are the reasons of our success. Not only are they the elements on which our business is based, they also symbolise the evolution of our path: from the origin in the field, to the heart of our business and our products, expressing the dynamism and the expansion of the company over the years.

Our business is centred on the universe of healthy food. We make healthy and balanced eating easier, accessible and appetizing than ever before. Our products are a practical trend and can be enjoyed every day, at any time and any place, a maxim that we have always wanted to convey and share with our customers and consumers around the world.

And this is the path we want to follow. We do not impose limits on ourselves. We believe in the present and we work each day to do our best, but always with an eye on the future.

That is why we have expanded our company’s horizons in recent years to continue taking our health revolution further and further afield. A goal that we have pursued through the international growth of the Group and the expansion of our business beyond our borders. And we do so while remaining loyal to our origins, true to our principles, to what defines us and has made us unique – yet aware that the best is still to come.


Organisations, people and things change over time but our principles and values remain unchanged

From our expertise

Our history


The Fischer group’s history began in 1928, when the young German immigrant Carl Fischer came to Brazil .


Dedicated to orange production, the agroindustrial division owes its current condition to the pioneering, tenacity and boldness of its founder, the German immigrant Carl Fischer, and his son and successor Carlos Guilherme Eduardo Fischer, who knew how to preserve the priority focus of your business as it expanded.

Carl’s inaugural qualitative leap in citrus culture was the purchase of the first farms and packing houses in Limeira and Bebedouro, cities located in the State of São Paulo.


The Pasco Packing Company (a large juice producer in Florida), Eckes (an established importer in Germany) and Carl Fischer (a man with long experience in citrus, with some orchards and a packing house) joined together. 

Together, Pasco Packing company & Eckes, invested in the construction of the first concentrated orange juice factory and by-products of the Fischer Group, in the city of Matão-SP, Citrosuco Paulista, SA.

Eckes, as 50% shareholders of Citrosuco S.A. for over 35 years the dedicated channel has allowed the bottling company to structure its brand portfolio (“Hohes C”, “Granini”, “Joker”, “Pago”, “Bramhults”, “God Morgon”, “elmenhorster”, amongst others) as the leading juice bottler in Europe.

Eckes company, maintained a research and development operation in Brazil to strengthen the product value chain and develop nutritional based strategies for its brand portfolio.


Subsequently, the Fischer Group acquired Pasco’s shares.


Acerola cherry was first planted on-site and developed into the key Vitamin C source for the entire “Hohes C” juice line of CITROSUCO.

The tropical fruit varieties of the multi-fruit-juice brand “Trink 10” was entirely developed in-house. The operation was developed with a chemical-residue-free farming strategy in Bahia/Brazil.


A new farm, Agropecuaria Gaviao LTD., located in Inhambupe, Bahia state is stablished for the cultivation of tropical fruits, citrus fruits among other products.


Fischer Group acquired Eckes’s shares of the business, taking full control of Citrosuco.


Betag participacoes LTDA, New holding company.

Bahía Frutos LTDA (trading company of the group in Brazil) is created.


The farm, Agropecuaria Gaviao,  is taken over by Moritz Eckes. Since then the focus shifted to organic and sustainable Citrus production


Eckes Processamento de Frutos LTDA., “ECKES FRUTOS” located in Ihnambupe, BA is created. Fruit and Juice processing factory.


Eckes Logistica LTDA “ECKES LOGISTICA”, located in Inhambupe, BA, is created.


Fazenda mainau LTDA, located in Inhambupe, BA (Moritz B. Eckes/Administrator). Orange production & fruit juice. This company does not belong to Betag Holding.