We are producers

From seed to production line

Farmers since the 60'

Our health revolution has its roots in the field, this forms the basis of who we are and what we produce. We are farmers, we cultivate our main raw materials, thereby controlling the entire chain of production, from seed to table. That is how we manage to supply our customers with the best possible fruit and juices, direct from the farms.

The best

We achieve the highest quality and freshness of our products through selection of the best possible seeds. We have 2000 hectares of our own seedbeds where we cultivate and experiment with more than 300 varieties, controlling the temperature, humidity, irrigation and all the other necessary conditions to obtain the highest possible quality and output.

10 plantations on the Atlantic Coast of Brazil

We have 6,000 hectares of crops, distributed over 10 plantations distributed strategically in the Bahía State, in the north-eastern part of Brazil, where we have been active for almost 60 years in the juice business.

Overall, we cultivate XX varieties of tropical fruits such as acerola, passionfruit, guava, papaya, etc.

Our processing unit in Inhambupe (Bahia State) is strategically located close to Brazil’s main citrus-producing areas, for maximum logistic efficiency.

Processing the entire orange into products, reducing food waste and supplying the market with renewable materials are part of our legacy as producers of natural food products and ingredients.